An airport full body scanAn airport full body scan

Airline Security and other ridiculous Laws

22 November 2010 By John Ironmonger

Lets exempt all doctors from the sterilization process required before surgery because they have to do it every time they operate and it slows them down and the chemicals used might harm them and it is a burden and they would never intentionally infect anyone. Not a good idea.

A common sight todayA common sight today

How can the richest country in the world let this happen

30 July 2010 By John Ironmonger

It always takes at least two people to create an "agreement" or "contract". Sometimes more. If there was not two sides in any agreement or negotiation then there would never be a need for a contract.

A contract, a mortgage for example, defines the obligations of each party involved. It also usually defines the process to deal with the situation where one of the parties fails to keep their obligations.    More..▸

Australian Toilet. Often referred to as a Dunny or Outhouse.Australian Toilet. Often referred to as a Dunny or Outhouse.

Words We Use - What is the aversion to using the word toilet?

2 April 2009 By John Ironmonger

Toilet - plumbing fixture and disposal system for the disposal of the bodily wastes.

Why does the American vernacular persist in calling the room that contains this device almost anything other than a toilet? When nature calls and you need to use this device to dispose of bodily waste you are not normally looking for a place to take a rest or a place to take a bath, so why would you want a restroom or a bathroom. You want a toilet.

December Sales declines for General Motors were 31%,  Ford 32% and Chrysler 53%.December Sales declines for General Motors were 31%, Ford 32% and Chrysler 53%.

Bailing out the Big Three - Why does this not make sense?

6 January 2009 By John Ironmonger

The sales declines during 2008 for the Detriot Big Three automakers are just another indication of the state of the US economy and the possible last straw on the camels back for the Big Three.

The companies in the Big Three - Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC have all been working for years to overcome internal fiscal challenges with little obvious progress.    More..▸

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